What to do if you see the message "Account value missing"

Accounting system: Exact Online (for customers based in the Netherlands)

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The cause:

Manual Pocket reimbursements cannot be exported to Exact Online. So when you try to export them, you'll see this error message.

The solution:

  • If possible, opt for direct reimbursements instead of manual Pocket reimbursements in the future. Learn more about the differences between direct and manual reimbursements here.

  • It's not possible to export manual reimbursements to Exact. However, our support team can manually move these lines from your "Unexported" to "Exported" queue. Again, they won't actually be moved to Exact, but at least they won't be cluttering up your Unexported queue. Please send us an email with the list of manual reimbursements, and we'll move those to the Exported queue for you. Please also feel free to share any feedback.

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