Setting up the Netvisor export

Learn how to set up the accounting settings for the Netvisor export file.

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We are excited to offer a Netvisor tailored csv file to ensure all your transactions end up in the right place in your accounting.

Select Netvisor as your Export format

  • Click on Settings

  • From the menu option, select Accounting

  • Select Netvisor from the available options

Setting up the file

Once connected, you can set up the accounts that fit your system.

  • Enter a Contra account number. We recommend creating a new account in the chart of accounts for Pleo, just as you would for a bank account.

  • Enter a Contra account for your Pocket expenses. This will be the transition account to which the expenses are accounted against until they have been reimbursed.

  • Lastly enter the ingoing VAT account for normal expenses, usually 1763 in Netvisor.

Create Tax codes

After selecting accounts, you can create the Tax codes you want to use for VAT reporting when bookkeeping expenses. We recommend creating one code for each VAT rate, as well as one code for Reversed VAT, as below.

Netvisor uses the code "KOOS" for domestic VAT and "EUOS" for Reversed EU VAT.

Import accounting data in Netvisor

When you export expenses from Pleo, you can import the accounting data into Netvisor by following these steps:

  1. Inside Netvisor, click on your company name top left and select Data Import.

  2. Select "Accounting import" in the dropdown menu. Keep ";" as isolator, and Upload the csv-file you exported from Pleo.

  3. Select the correct data property on each of the 8 columns, according to the name of the column. Click on Update, then Ready.

  4. At "Linking of account information", click on Suggest selections. Netvisor should automatically match all account numbers with your chart of accounts.

  5. Click on Import Data.

All set!

If you wish to attach receipts to expenses in Netvisor, simply go into the vouchers and click on "Add attachment", select the corresponding receipt from the Pleo download file, then go the next voucher and repeat.

Other important settings

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