Setting up the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central integration

Important to know before you get started:

  • This direct integration only supports the version of Business Central hosted directly by Microsoft (i.e., you access your account through

    If you acquired your solution through a third party Microsoft partner and/or host Business Central on your company's server, you can export from Pleo using custom CSV. This direct integration does not currently support Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

  • Please contact our support team if the below instructions do not work for you. This might be the case if you’ve customised your Business Central setup.

This article covers:

Before you connect Pleo to Business Central

  • If you need your Pleo card expenses to have a contra account automatically assigned, create a contra account (also known as a Balancing Account Number) in Business Central. This needs to be a G/L account. If you're using Pleo Pocket, you can also create an additional contra account for reimbursements.

  • Need to create a new General Journal Template in Business Central to base your Pleo Journals on? If so, there’s a little quirk. The new template you create has to come first alphabetically in the list of general templates. Let's say you name your journal "Pleo" and there is another general journal template called "Kasse." Rename the Pleo journal template so that it comes first alphabetically (e.g., "APleo") in the list of General Journal Templates.

    To ensure this new template is pulled through to Pleo, please:

    1. Click on the template.

    2. Click "Related" → "Template" → "Batches":

    3. Add a name to the general journal batch:

      It's good to know that if you add a description to the batch, this will show up in Pleo (instead of the name). So you might want to consider leaving the description field blank.

Connect Pleo and Business Central

  1. Log into the Pleo app and go to "Settings".

  2. Click "Accounting".

  3. Select "Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central" from the list.

  4. You will be prompted to connect your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central account with Pleo on a separate page.

  5. Log in and click "Allow access".

  6. Back in the Accounting page in Pleo, double check that you've selected an "Integration Environment", "Integration Company", "Pleo Journal", and "Account for Pleo Expenses". The first three of these are shown in the below video. However, the additional "Account for Pleo Expenses" is a new field. This is where you should input the G/L account that your created in Business Central.

What data is synced between Pleo and Business Central?

  • "Categories" in Pleo reflect your chart of accounts in Business Central. When you set up your categories after enabling the integration, the drop-down menu in Pleo will automatically reflect your account numbers in Business Central. That said, you will need to give the specific category (account number) a name. The name should be easy for employees to recognise when they assign details to their Pleo purchases.

  • Tax codes will be synced in Pleo if they are already connected to categories (aka accounts) in Business Central.

  • "Tags" in Pleo reflect your dimensions in Business Central.

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