How to add your clients

Learn how to add your clients directly from the Partner Portal

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If your client isn't using Pleo yet, here's how you can invite them to Pleo.

  1. Go to the Partner Portal,

  2. Go to Clients

  3. Click the Onboard Client button in the top right corner.

  4. Enter the details of the person who will serve as the admin for your client's account.

  5. Specify the company size (this can help bookkeepers to estimate the amount of work needed for each client).

  6. Start typing in the name of the company, and click on the correct one from the dropdown list.

  7. Click Continue.

All done! The next step will be to help your client through the Pleo verification process.

If your client already has a Pleo account, they can connect to your accountancy by inviting you as an external bookkeeper.

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