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Verifying your company’s key people
Verifying your company’s key people

Learn why Pleo is obliged to ask for documents such as proof of identification and proof of address in the UK

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Who we need to verify?

Executive directors and major stakeholders (holding 25% or more of company shares and/or voting rights). In the case of an association or charity, all board members need to be verified.

Electronic verification

To carry out the electronic verification the details needed are:

• Date of birth

• Current residential address

When the electronic verification is not successful we will require a valid Proof of Identity and Address. Where a check is partially successful we may only require a Proof of ID.

1. Proof of ID

Take a colour photo of your passport or driver’s licence. No scans or black and white images... and don’t crop the photo. Thanks! Make sure the document’s expiration date hasn’t passed

2. Proof of address

You can use your driver’s licence if it has the address, so long as you didn’t use it as your Proof of ID. If using a letter as proof of your address, it must be dated within the past 3 months. Here’s what’s acceptable – and remember, we need an uncropped colour photo of it:

• Government letter or bank statement

• Utility bill (electricity, water, gas)

• Sorry, mobile phone bills are not accepted

3. Submit the documents to Pleo

Get your proof of ID and proof of address? Great! Send them to your company Admin.

Tip: You can save time by texting the document to your Admin if they’re happy with that. When the Admin has the documents they need, they can head to to submit it all. That can be done on desktop or mobile, whatever works for your team.

Why we need it?

Gathering this documentation helps us meet all of the compliance requirements for financial companies. In particular we need to perform “KYC-Checks” (Know Your Customer) on all of our customers in order to verify the company and individuals behind it in order to comply with relevant Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing regulations and keep Pleo safe for all our customers. Information with regards to the usage of your data can be found under our Privacy Policy. For further questions please contact

More information

All documents are handled with complete confidentially and they are purely retained  for legal compliance reasons. You can find our privacy policy here.

*Pleo follows with the Danish the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing Regulation for Denmark unless bound by stricter requirements.

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