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A visual overview to analyse your company spending

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What is Pleo Analytics?

The Analytics page in the Pleo web app provides you with a detailed overview of your company spend. You can keep track and analyse your expenses in different ways, including:

  • Spend by category (e.g. travel, software etc.)

  • Spend by tags

  • Spend by team (based on the teams you’ve set up)

You can also see aggregate information for your selected period of time, which highlights:

  • Top merchants for where your spend is going

  • Top spenders, and

  • Team members with the highest number of missing receipts.

Having a real-time spend report can provide insights for future budget planning and adjustments.

Who has access to Analytics?

Admins and bookkeepers can see the full overview of company spend, whereas employees will only see a breakdown of their own spending.

Good to know

  • Whereas the Analytics page gives you a tabular overview, the Expense page can show you the details of a specific expense.

  • The Analytics page only displays expenses that have been settled.

Can't find the Analytics page?

Find out if your pricing plan gives you access to this feature:

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