What to do if you see the message "e-conomic responded with access denied" or "We are getting unauthorised messages from e-conomic"

There are four potential causes that can lead to this error message.

Cause 1: Your organisation has an internal e-conomic agreement, which no longer supports integrations. 

Back in 2021, e-conomic changed their pricing plans so that it's now only possible to access integrations (including the one with Pleo) if you're on an external e-conomic agreement. If you are on an internal agreement, exporting will fail with this error.

Solution 1:

  • Get your partner to upgrade your e-conomic agreement to an external one. If you already have an external agreement, please reach out to e-conomic and let them know the information of the person who needs access to export.


  • Use the Pleo CSV download option and upload that manually to e-conomic

Cause 2: Your organisation is on an external agreement, but the specific person trying to export does not have the correct access level in e-conomic. 

Solution 2:

  • Please contact your e-conomic administrator and/or e-conomic's technical support to understand which role you need in order to manage API exports.

Cause 3: Your organisation is on an external agreement, but still does not have integration access. 

Solution 3:

  • Pease contact e-conomic's support team to find out why your external license is not allowing for the export.

Cause 4: A temporary glitch has caused the export to fail.

Solution 4: If you're certain that the cause is not examples 1, 2, or 3, please try disconnecting and reconnecting your e-conomic integration. This should kick it back into shape!

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