What to do if you see the message "Invalid account" (Swedish: Ogiltigt konto)

The cause:

One or more Pleo expenses have a category that reflects an inactive account (konto) in Fortnox.

There are two alternative solutions:

  • In Pleo, archive the outdated category and add a different one to the affected expense(s):

    It's good to know that categories in Pleo are automatically synced with accounts in Fortnox. Any updates (e.g., an account being deactivated) in Fortnox will be reflected in Pleo within a couple of hours. However, please note that, at the beginning of each accounting year, you'll need to select the new year as your default. Otherwise, Pleo will automatically sync with the old list of accounts (from the previous year).


  • Re-activate the account in Fortnox:

    1. Click "register".

    2. Click "chart of accounts" (kontoplan).

    3. Select the "inactive" (inaktiva) list.

    4. Click the affected account, change the "active" answer from "no" to "yes" to re-activate.

    5. Click "save" (spara):

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