The cause:

One or more Pleo expenses have a tag that reflects a deactivated cost centre in Fortnox.

There are two alternative solutions:

  • Update the tag in Pleo

  1. In Pleo, it's a good idea to re-import your tags from Fortnox to make sure that your list is up to date. When you re-import, Pleo will automatically archive any older tags that no longer exist in Fortnox.

  2. Once you've re-imported your tags, update the tag on the affected Pleo expense(s).


  • Re-activate the cost centre in Fortnox:

  1. Click "register".

  2. Click "Kostnadsställen".

  3. Go to the "inactive" (Inaktiva) list.

  4. Click on the relevant cost centre.

  5. Under "active" (Aktivt), switch from "no" to "yes":

  6. Click "save" (spara).

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