How to set up the Xero Integration

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How to connect Pleo and Xero

  1. Go to Settings in the Pleo web app.

  2. Click on Accounting.

  3. Click on Xero

  4. Click on Connect.

  5. Verify the connection in Xero.

Done! A Pleo bank account has just been automatically created for you in Xero.

Pleo Bank Feed

  • How it works

Once you complete the above steps, the Pleo Bank Feed is automatically turned on. When the Pleo Bank Feed is on, expenses from Pleo automatically sent to Xero. This takes place twice a day at 8am and 1pm (UTC). New expenses from Pleo are sent to the Reconcile feed in your Pleo bank account. This happens for Pleo card expenses that have been settled and out-of-pocket expenses that have been approved. The statement data consists of the presentment date, the amount, and the merchant.

  • Good to know:

Even when the Pleo Bank Feed is enabled, it's still important to export your Pleo expenses to Xero. The Bank Feed includes the date, merchant, amount, and name of the employee who made the purchase. To get extra info about the purchase (e.g., Categories, Tags), exporting is the way to go.

If you start using Pleo in the middle of your financial year, the statement balance in Xero will start from 0. However, your Xero balance should show the same as the balance in Pleo. In order to sync the statement balance to the Xero balance in Pleo, follow these steps.

  • How to disable the Bank Feed

Almost all of our customers who use Xero prefer to keep the Pleo Bank Feed turned on. That said, if you want to disable it: You You can enable the Direct Feed by following the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings in the Pleo web app.

  2. Click on Accounting and scroll to the bottom of the page.

  3. Un-tick the box next to Pleo Bank Feed.

What data is synced between Pleo and Xero?

  • Tax codes from Xero are automatically populated in Pleo.

  • "Categories" in Pleo reflect your chart of accounts in Xero. When you set up your categories after enabling the integration, the drop-down menu in Pleo will automatically reflect your account numbers in Xero. That said, you will need to give the specific category (account number) a name. The name should be easy for employees to recognise when they assign details to their Pleo purchases (e.g., business trips).

  • "Tags" in Pleo reflect your tracking categories and customers in Xero. When you import your tags, choose the "import from Xero" options so that everything syncs automatically.

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