Setting up the Xero integration requires very few steps and is a one-time process:

  1. Go to the Settings page.
  2. Enable the integration with Xero by choosing Xero from the list and clicking on "Connect

A Pleo account is created in Xero automatically. Please note: Do not change the coding of PLEOBANK and PLEO in your chart of accounts. It is necessary they stay exactly as created. 

Now you just need to apply your Xero coding into Pleo: 

  1. Go to the Categories page
  2. Create and map your categories in Pleo to reflect your Xero nominal codes: 

3. Once you apply the Nominal code you will see your Default Tax code from Xero applied.  

Best Practice: Having your subcategories as self explanatory and intuitive to select when they make their expenses. 

Good to know: This categorisation of expenses is built on an AI engine, so as soon as your employees start using Pleo and selecting the categories, our system will pick up and auto-categorise for you eventually. It really works!  

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