Connect Xero and Pleo

  • Go to Settings in the Pleo web app

  • Click on Accounting

  • Click on Xero

  • Click on Connect to enable the integration

Done! A Pleo bank account has just been automatically created for you in Xero.

Enabling the Direct Feed with Xero

You can enable the Direct Feed by following the steps below. For a more detailed guide, head to this article.

  • Go to Settings in the Pleo web app

  • Click on Accounting

  • Tick the box under Direct Feed

Done! Your expenses will be automatically sent to your Pleo account in Xero (under the reconciliation tab).

What data is synced between Pleo and Xero?

  • Tax codes from Xero are automatically populated in Pleo.

  • "Categories" in Pleo reflect your chart of accounts in Xero. When you set up your categories after enabling the integration, the drop-down menu in Pleo will automatically reflect your account numbers in Xero. That said, you will need to give the specific category (account number) a name. The name should be easy for employees to recognise when they assign details to their Pleo purchases (e.g., business trips).

  • "Tags" in Pleo reflect your tracking categories and customers in Xero. When you import your tags, choose the "import from Xero" options so that everything syncs automatically.

What's next?

  1. Set up your categories (chart of accounts)

  2. Set up your tags (tracking categories)

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