How to sync Pleo with TravelPerk

Learn how admins can enable automatic receipt capture between TravelPerk and Pleo.

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Why should you turn on Pleo's TravelPerk integration?

So that you and your colleagues don't need to manually upload receipts from your business trip bookings.

Enable the TravelPerk integration

This is available to all Pleo customers at no additional cost. To enable the integration, you just need admin rights for your company's Pleo and TravelPerk accounts.

Good to know:

  • On the TravelPerk side you need to be on a Premium plan or above.

  • It's necessary to have an Pleo Account that is verified to use the TravelPerk Integration.

  • Pleo with TravelPerk can be removed just by clicking “Revoke access” in the Powerup page (Only the Pleo Admin can remove the TravelPerk integration).

  1. Log into Pleo and go to "Settings".

  2. Click on "Power-ups".

  3. Next to TravelPerk, click "Enable":

  4. Click "Confirm".

  5. Enter your TravelPerk admin credentials to approve the connection.

Done! Now whenever a colleague pays for a TravelPerk booking with their Pleo card, the receipt will be automatically attached to the related expense. Pleo can even match multiple TravelPerk receipts (hotel, flight, car hire, etc.) to a single card charge. It takes up to several minutes for the receipt to appear in the app.

Here's what an expense with the receipt attached can look like in the employee's view:

  • In the web app:

  • In the mobile app:

This integration does not yet sync cost centres between TravelPerk and Pleo, meaning that tags still need to be added manually in Pleo. But stay tuned for future updates!

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