Learn how to set up the Procountor integration for a seamless exporting experience.

We are excited to offer a direct integration with Procountor to ensure all your transactions end up in the right place in your accounting.

Please note: In order to use the integration, you need to have the "Procountor API" integration license activated in your Procountor Account.

Connect Pleo and Procountor 🔄

  • Click on Settings

  • Select Accounting

  • Select Procountor from the available options

  • Enable the integration with Procountor by clicking on Connect

  • Use your Procountor login credentials and select the company you want to connect.

  • Select a Contra account for your Pleo expenses (we recommend creating a new one in your chart of accounts).

  • Select a Contra account for you Pocket expenses (below we are using "Liabilities to employees").

Set up Categories and link VAT codes

It is our recommendation that you immediately set up categories to align your chart of accounts in Procountor, and link the correct VAT codes.

  • Click on Settings

  • Select Accounting

  • Go to Categories in the top menu.

  • Create Categories for the types of expenses you will use Pleo.

  • Link Categories to the right account codes and VAT codes, which are imported from Procountor.

Import Dimensions as Tags

You can import and sync dimensions such as Cost Centres and Projects from Procountor to Pleo, so that employees can Tag expenses with the right information.

  • Go to Tags in the top menu of Accounting settings.

  • Create a Tag Group and name it to the intended Dimension.

  • Click on Import and select Procountor Dimensions.

  • Select the Dimension you want to import.

All done!

What now?

It is our recommendation you immediately set up categories to align your chat of accounts with expenses!

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