We are excited to offer a direct integration with Dinero to ensure all your transactions end up in the right place in your accounting.

Connect Dinero and Pleo

  1. Click on your name in the bottom left and select Settings

  2. Select Accounting

  3. Select Dinero Online from the available options (if it is not displayed click on See all)

  4. Follow the steps to get your Company ID from Dinero and copy in into Pleo

Setting up the integration

  1. Go to Dinero and head to Financial Accounting

  2. Go to Chart of Accounts and create a new account, please use Cash and cash equivalents account type

  3. If you are going to use Pocket in Pleo repeat the process of creating a new account in Dinero for a pocket account

  4. After this go to the Setup page in Pleo

  5. Choose a Deposit account from the drop down

  6. Choose a Pocket account (if you use Pocket)

  7. Choose a Reimbursement account (if you use Pocket)

Exporting of expenses

Once you have set up everything you can export your expenses. Your expenses will arrive in Dinero in the menu Bogføring under Bilagsoversigt. Here the expenses have to be approved by doing the following:

  • Be sure to be in the menu Bogføring under Bilagsoversigt

  • Click on the expense, it will open

  • Scroll down and click Godkent

Tipp: Once you opened an expense and approved it you can just click on Næste bilag and approve the next expense.

Other important settings 🛠️

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