Setting up the Dinero export
Learn how to set up and administrate the Dinero format for a seamless exporting experience
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We are excited to offer a custom CSV export that you can use for Dinero to ensure all your transactions end up in the right place in your accounting.

Connect Dinero and Pleo

  • Click on Settings

  • Select Accounting

  • Select Dinero from the available options

Setting up the export

Once connected, you can set up the accounts that fit your system.

  • Setup a Contra account number. We recommend customers to create a new account in the chart of accounts, just as you would for a bank account.

  • Choose a bank account for your Pleo Pocket expenses. This will be the transition account to which the expenses are accounted against until they have been reimbursed.

  • Choose a Pocket reimbursement account. This will typically be the account from which you send the reimbursement.

  • Last step is setting up your tax codes, which you can learn how to do here.

Other important settings

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