Note: in order to deal with the money owed as a result of a mileage claim, it's required to have Pocket enabled. Read more about enabling Pocket here.

How to enable mileage for your company

As an admin, go to your company's mileage settings. Here you can select the default compensation rate as well as the category to assign to mileage expenses.

How to create custom rates per employee

  • On the right side you will find Rates and distance

  • Click on "+ Add new"

  • Create the custom rate for the employee and click "Add rate"

  • You should now see the custom rates in the table

Managing the 10.000 miles threshold / Managing the 20.000 kilometer threshold
When your team member drives more than 10.000/20.000 miles over the year, their maximum tax-free rate changes. In the list you can keep track of the total distance driven per team member. When your team member adds the mileage expense that brings them over the threshold, they're automatically prompted to update their rate. The total is reset at the beginning of the financial year.

How to add a mileage expense

When mileage is enabled for your company, you can add a mileage expenses through the plus button on your home screen.

Define the route

From there follow the steps:

  1. Select travel date

  2. Select your departure address

  3. Select destination address

At this point, you'll see the distance and compensation rate pop up in the bottom.

If anything is not how you meant it to be, you can:

  • Add more stops to the route

  • Manually override the distance using the triple dot button

  • Manually override the compensation rate using the triple dot button

Add expense details

When tapping next, you'll see the amount you'll be compensated. This is also where you can add expense details like you always do.

Download a mileage overview

As an admin, you can download an overview of all mileage expenses with fields shown in the table. This could help you with your yearly reporting.

Frequently asked questions

Can I edit my mileage expense?

For now you'll have to delete the expense and add a new mileage expenses instead.

Why don't I see the mileage settings as an admin?

In order to use mileage, you'll have to be on a pricing plan that includes this feature. Reach out to your customer success manager if you don't have access or wish to gain access.

Why don't I see the plus button in my mobile app?

Make sure to check you're on the latest version of the mobile app and your admin fully completed the mileage setup.

How can approval be set up for Mileage expenses?

When it comes to reviewing Mileage claims, approval is based on how the Pocket review has been set up for a Team. As an example, if you set "Always review" for Pocket expenses in general, then all mileage claims will also need to be reviewed and approved before an employee can refund themselves:

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