Connect e-conomic and Pleo

  • In the Pleo web all, click on Settings.

  • Click on Accounting.

  • Select Visma e-conomic from the available options.

  • Select your type of e-conomic agreement and press Connect.

  • Make sure that agreement number is correct and click on Add app.

Set up your accounts in e-conomic

  1. Log into e-conomic

  2. Go to All settings

  3. Go to Chart of Accounts and create a New account (Balance sheet) called Pleo.

  4. Go to Journals and create a New Journal.

  5. Now go back to Pleo, enter the account number and journal you just created.

What data is synced between Pleo and e-conomic?

  • Departments (afdelinger) in e-conomic are reflected in Pleo tags. When you set up your tags after enabling the integration, you'll find that the drop-down menu in Pleo automatically reflects your departments in e-conomic.

  • What about the projects module? Click here to find out how the projects module in e-conomic works with Pleo.

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