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Back in 2021, e-conomic changed their pricing plans so that it's now only possible to access integrations (including the one with Pleo) if you're on an external e-conomic agreement. If you are on an internal agreement and follow the steps in this article, it will connect but exporting will fail with this error:

To sync Pleo expenses with e-conomic in this case, the options are to either to:

Set up your accounts in e-conomic

  1. Log into e-conomic

  2. Go to Chart of Accounts and create a New account (Balance sheet) called Pleo.

  3. Go to Journals and create a New Journal.

Connect e-conomic and Pleo

  1. In the Pleo web all, click on Settings.

  2. Click on Accounting.

  3. Select Visma e-conomic from the available options.

  4. Select your type of e-conomic agreement and press Connect.

  5. Make sure that agreement number is correct and click on Add app.

  6. Once connected, enter the account number and journal (that you already created in e-conomic) into the Pleo settings.

What data is synced between Pleo and e-conomic?

  • Departments (afdelinger) in e-conomic are reflected in Pleo tags. When you set up your tags after enabling the integration, you'll find that the drop-down menu in Pleo automatically reflects your departments in e-conomic.

  • What about the projects module? Click here to find out how the projects module in e-conomic works with Pleo.

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