As a service provider, Pleo is required to charge VAT on services provided.

With headquarters in Denmark, we charge 25% VAT according to Danish law.

For organisations registered in the UK and the Canary Islands

Your invoices with show 0% VAT due to trade regulations.

For organisations registered in Denmark

Your invoices (under the Billing page in Pleo) will include 25% VAT.

For organisations registered in other EU countries

Pleo offers reverse charge VAT. With Reverse Charge VAT, no VAT is charged by Pleo. Instead, your company needs to report VAT to the local authorities. To qualify for Reverse Charge VAT, simply make sure that you have provided a VAT number (under Billing details):

Please look into whether you need to take additional steps (see below) to qualify for reverse charge VAT.

For organisations registered in Spain (and other countries where extra steps are required)

In some countries, such as Spain, your organisation must perform an additional step to be eligible for reverse charge VAT (i.e.,"intra-community" supply of services).

In Spain, to qualify for inversión de sujeto pasivo, you need to submit the Modelo 036 form, resulting in a document titled "Acuerdo de alta en el registro de operadores intracomunitarios."

You don't need to send Pleo this type of document before we remove the VAT from your Billing. However, if you don't yet qualify for reverse charge VAT, please let us know as soon as possible. Otherwise, our Compliance team will need to verify your organisation from scratch, which could take up to three months.

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