How mileage works

This article is for Pleo admins and extended-access bookkeepers. It explains:

How to enable mileage for your Pleo account

  1. Enable Reimbursements (available to our customers on paid plans).

  2. Select a category for mileage:

  3. Extra step for customers in Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, and Norway: There are no default pre-filled rates, so please enter a rate to activate mileage:

Done! Employees in your organisation can now submit mileage claims.

Default rates and thresholds

Default rates are available to customers in the United Kingdom, Austria, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden. If your Pleo account is registered in any of these countries, then the mileage page will show pre-filled tax-free rates set by your government:

Pleo will automatically update the default rates if/when your government changes them. However, if you choose to override the default rates, we will not update them. To change from a default rate to a custom rate, click "Edit rates", toggle off "default rates", type in a custom rate, then click "Save changes":

Thresholds are available to our customers in the United Kingdom, Austria, and Denmark. Pleo will automatically update the rates for employees who pass a threshold of 10,000 miles, 20,000 kilometres, and 30,000 kilometres for the respective countries. These are also automatically synced with government rates:

Fuel rates and company car rates

Advisory fuel rates are available to our customers in the United Kingdom, and company car rates for those in Sweden. The pre-filled numbers are based on tax-free government rates. If this is toggled on, employees will be asked to select a fuel or car type when they submit a mileage claim. If you're based in Sweden, please note that when a company car is selected, it's not possible to have a custom rate (see next section).

Custom rates and employee override

Employee override and custom rates are especially useful for customers in countries where Pleo does not currently offer default rates and thresholds (explained in the above section). So if your account is registered in Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, or Norway, then this section is also for any customer might be relevant to you. That said, if you want to enter custom fuel or vehicle rates (and your company is not registered in the UK or Sweden), then this section is also for you.

  • If you want to create custom rates per employee:

Adding a custom rate for different employees can be helpful as different countries have varying mileage standards depending on vehicle type, engine size, fuel rate, etc. To apply these rates for different employees:

  1. On the righthand side of the page, click "Set custom employee rates".

  2. Select the employee, their custom rate, and then click "Save changes":

  3. You can always track how far an employee has driven in the "Distances" field. That way, if/when they exceed a threshold, you can update their custom rate. Use the filters to view employee distances from high to low (or vice versa):

  • Employee override

When you turn on this option, employees will be able to switch from the default company rate to a custom rate. In other words, employee override lets you put the onus of custom rates on the employee. Or at least share the responsibility of keeping track of their custom threshold and/or fuel rates.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why don't I see the mileage settings?

In order to use mileage, you'll have to be on a plan that includes Reimbursements. You'll also need to have a category added. Find out if your pricing plan gives you access to Reimbursements:

If you started using Pleo up until April 2nd, 2023

If you started using Pleo after April 2nd, 2023

  • How can approval be set up for mileage claims?

Mileage claims will follow the same review system as what you've set up for Reimbursements.

  • Can an admin or bookkeeper edit a mileage claim?

It's not possible to change a mileage claim once it's been submitted; neither by an admin nor an employee. But you can always leave feedback (e.g., marking it as "not okay") and/or ask an employee to delete the claim and submit a new one.

  • Is it possible to download a list of mileage claim?

Yes; there's a download button on the mileage page:

  • Does Pleo report mileage to the local tax authorities?

Pleo is working on a long-term solution for a more automated reporting experience. However, we do not currently send mileage claims to your local tax authority, and so your finance team will need to take this on. In Denmark for example, mileage claims to the tax authorities (SKAT) need to go through the E-Income (eIndkomst) platform. Here's how:

  1. Download an overview (see the previous screenshot) and specify a date range (e.g. salary period).

  2. Open the file in Excel or Google Sheets and calculate sums per employee.

  3. In Denmark, type this into field “48” in eIncome (eIndkomst).

  • How can employees submit a mileage claim?

Here are the instructions for submitting a mileage claim.

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