What's the difference between an available balance and current balance?

What is the different between the available balance and the current balance in the Pleo wallet

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There are two different balances in Pleo. The available balance and the current balance. You can check this from the Wallet menu on the Pleo web-app or from the Expenses menu on the app.

Available balance

The available balance is the Current balance minus any pending purchases that have not yet been settled with the merchant. You can check the pending expenses from the Export menu or use a filter and select Pending from the Expenses menu.

Current balance

Current balance shows the amount excluding any pending purchases. So if there are no pending transactions, your available balance will be the same as your current balance.

*Pending transactions: Sometimes it can take a few days for a merchant to complete the transaction. In this case, purchases will appear as pending until the transaction is completed. In Pleo, we show you the pending transactions in your Expenses feed as we believe it can help you keep track of any upcoming transactions on your account.

Balance alerts and auto top-up

Balance alerts and auto top-ups are triggered by the available balance.

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