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How to download the Pleo mobile app
How to download the Pleo mobile app

Here is how you can download the mobile app, and why this will help you to get the most from Pleo!

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The Pleo mobile app serves as the key in making the purchasing experience smooth and effective.
Having the app downloaded on your phone allows you to:

  • Pair your Pleo plastic card with your app

  • Access your PIN code for your plastic card

  • Get real-time purchase notifications

  • Scan receipts on-the-go

  • Categorise transactions instantly

  • Add custom notes to transactions

  • Access Pleo virtual card details

  • See your transactions in real-time

  • Freeze your cards instantly (very handy!)

You can find the Pleo in the AppStore (iOS) and Google Play (Android)

Note: If you have a private profile and work profile on your Android phone, it is important that you download the Pleo application on your private profile. You will be able to sign in with your work email account in the application itself.

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