How it works

  1. You will receive a notification on your mobile phone within several seconds of paying for something in-store with your Pleo card.

  2. Click on the notification and it'll take you to the camera in the Pleo app.

  3. Just aim at the receipt, take a photo and upload! As long as the image isn't blurry, you can throw that receipt away.

The receipt will be paired with the right transaction and automatically categorised (e.g., Meals and drinks). You can also add a tag (e.g., lunch allowance), if your manager or Pleo admin has asked you to do so. Don't stress though; you can always update the expense later if you're unsure about the tag.

You and your team reviewer(s) can see the transaction and the receipt you uploaded to Pleo.

Why you need pictures of receipts

Most expenses include sales tax. Companies can file a claim to get this money back from the tax office. Yay extra money!

In the case of a financial audit, though, it's important to keep evidence of the sales tax - evidence which is shown on your receipts. Having a record of a card expense alone isn't enough because it doesn't show exactly what was bought and how much tax was included.

In other words: don't forget to take photos of your receipts! It will make a world of difference to your finance team, who won't have to waste time chasing you down. And it will make a difference to you too! As long as you diligently take pictures of your receipts (ideally as soon as you've paid for something), you don't have to worry about a thing. No paperwork, no wallets overstuffed with the records of every coffee and bus ticket from your last business trip.

Good to know

  • Make sure you have notifications turned on for your Pleo app!

  • If you forgot to take a photo right away, you can always add one later on. In either the Pleo mobile app or web app, click on either the banner that says "an expense needs a receipt" or click on the expense from the list. Upload a receipt by clicking on the plus + sign.



  • If your company is registered in France or Spain, paper receipts are only legally compliant if they are photographed via the Pleo app. Learn more here.

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