The easiest and the best way to add a receipt to an expense in Pleo is just by taking a photo of the receipt when a transaction happens.

 Here is how it works:

  • You will receive a notification on your Pleo mobile app the second you carry out a transaction with your Pleo card.
  • When you click the notification, it will open the camera on your phone.
  • Just aim at the receipt, take a photo and upload!
  • The receipt will be paired with the right transaction and automatically categorised.
  • You and your team reviewer(s) can see the transaction and the receipt you uploaded to Pleo

If you have a multi-page receipt:

  • Upload your receipt to the expense using the above instructions
  • Only the first page will be visible in the Expenses view, but all pages will be visible in the export 

Note: Please make sure you have notifications turned on for your Pleo app!

If you want to add a receipt afterwards, you can simply open the Pleo app or go to the Pleo webpage, click the expense and select the + icon. From here, you can upload your receipt to Pleo.

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