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STEP 1. Billy setup:

  1. Log into Billy 
  2. Go to "Accounting" and then "Chart of accounts"
  3. In "Chart of accounts", press "Create account"
    Name it "Pleo"
    Make sure the Type is set as "5700 - Bank- og kontantbeholdninger".
    Enter an unused account number.
  4. Go to "Accounting" and then "Journals" and "Create a new journal"
    Name it "Pleo" and choose the new created account as the "Default balancing account"
    (If you are not able to create a new journal, go to "Settings" then "User profile" and enable "Support multiple journals".

STEP 2. Pleo setup:

  1. Click on your profile image in the lower left hand corner and select Settings
  2. From the menu option, select Accounting
  3. Choose "Billy Online" as your accounting system and press continue
  4. Login to Billy
  5. Go to  "Settings"
  6. Go to "API Tokens"
  7. Click on "Create API token"
  8. Type a name like 'Pleo' and press "Create"
  9. Copy your key from Billy and paste it in the empty field in Pleo

Other important settings

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