Setting up the Billy integration

Learn how to set up and administrate the Billy integration for a seamless exporting experience

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We are excited to offer a direct integration with Billy to ensure all your transactions end up in the right place in your accounting.

Setting up the integration

  • Log in to Billy

  • Go to Settings and then Accounting. Here, scroll down and select Edit chart of accounts.

  • In Chart of accounts create an account called Pleo with the account type set as "5700 - Bank- og kontantbeholdninger". Enter an unused account number.

  • Go to Bookkeeping and select Daybook. Here, select Create a new journal.
    Name it Pleo and choose the newly created account as the Default balancing account.
    (If you are not able to create a new journal, go to My profile then User profile, and enable Support multiple journals).

  • Go to Settings, API Tokens, and select Create API token. Name it Pleo and save it.

Connect Billy and Pleo 🔄

  • Log into Pleo

  • Click on Settings

  • Select Accounting

  • Select Billy Online from the available options

  • Follow the steps inside Pleo, or see the video above to get your API integration code in Billy and copy it into Pleo.

  • Once the integration is up and running, scroll down and enter the account number and daybook you just created in Billy.

Other important settings

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