How to access a client's Pleo account

  1. Go to the Clients page.

  2. Click on the three dots next to a client's name.

  3. Click Go to client.

Admin versus bookkeeper view of the Clients page

  • Admins will see four different tabs:

  1. Invites: clients that have added you as an external bookkeeper

  2. Onboarding: all clients that have been invited to Pleo through the Partner Portal and are in the verification process

  3. My Clients: the list of clients that you are working with directly

  4. All: the full list of clients connected to the accountancy

If there are no current invites or clients in the onboarding phase, those tabs will disappear from view.

  • Bookkeepers will see two tabs:

  1. Onboarding: if any of their assigned clients are in the verification process

  2. My Clients: same as the above (a list of clients that they have been assigned to/are working with directly)

How to manage your overview on the Clients page

  • For those of you working with a large number of organisations, typing in the Search clients field can be faster than scrolling through your list to find a specific client.

  • The More filters box lets you filter your list by missing receipts. When you ticket the missing receipts box, clients that don't have any missing receipts will disappear from the list. The "Sort by name" option lets you list clients alphabetically (in either ascending or descending order).

Enable email notifications for outstanding tasks

You can opt in to receive daily, weekly or monthly email reminders updating you on a client’s wallet balance, missing receipts, and expenses ready for export.

  1. Go to the Clients page.

  2. Click on the three dots next to a client's name.

  3. Click View details.

  4. Tick the email box next to Notifications.

  5. Click Select frequency to choose how often you want to receive client updates. You'll start receiving notifications on Mondays at 10am CET.

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