How to set up your tax codes

Learn how to set up and administrate tax codes in Pleo

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You can apply VAT in Pleo by creating a tax code and attaching it to a specific category.

Finding your tax codes

  • Click on Settings

  • Select Accounting

  • Choose your accounting system

  • In the tax code table, add all the VAT rates

  • Head to the Categories tab and assign a tax code to each category

If you are using an accounting integration

  • You will not have the tax table above (except for Swedish accounting systems)

  • Simply select the Categories tab under the Accounting menu

  • Assign a category and the tax rules will be set by your accounting system

Once the VAT rate is added to a category, all expenses with that category will have that VAT code attached. You can always amend each expense individually in the export stage if needed.

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