You can apply VAT in Pleo by creating a tax code and attaching it to a specific category.

Note: If you are using an accounting system integration, the tax code has to be created in the accounting system, not in Pleo. 

How do I set this up? 

  • Go to the "settings" page
  • Select your accounting system
  • Click on Create Tax code and fill in the name, code and rate
  • Click Done and add more if needed
  • Jump over to "Categories" and click on the drop-down to the right
  • Select which VAT applies to each category 

Once the VAT is chosen, this will be auto assigned to the expenses in that category.

If the VAT on the receipt does not match, you can simply overwrite the VAT amount on that expense as shown below:

What happens to the export?

You will now have 3 columns when exporting (depending on your accounting system) that will include Tax Code, Tax Rate and Tax amount.

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