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How to use Storebox (for customers in Denmark)
How to use Storebox (for customers in Denmark)

Learn about the benefits of Storebox and how to enable the integration.

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Why use Storebox?

Storebox is a digital receipt service developed by NETS. The benefit of enabling Storebox is that receipts can be automatically added to purchases made with your plastic Pleo card.


  • Storebox only works with your plastic Pleo card (does not work with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or virtual cards).

  • Storebox only works with certain merchants. So please pay close attention to the Pleo notification you receive from us right after the purchase has been made. We'll let you know whether the receipt has been attached automatically or if you need to snap a photo of the receipt. If in doubt, please keep the receipt—better safe than sorry.

How to enable Storebox

Only a Pleo admin can enable Storebox for the organisation:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Click "Enable" next to Storebox.

  3. Click "Enable" in the pop-up window to confirm your choice:

    That's the admin's job done!

  4. The next step is for all cardholders in your organisation to accept the Storebox functionality. They just need to click "Enable Storebox" on the below message that will automatically appear the next time they log into their account. Employees can accept the invite in the mobile app as well as in the web app.

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