Pleo has joined forces with Storebox, a digital receipt service developed by NETS. By collaborating with them - we have made it a lot easier for you to handle receipts. 

With Storebox enabled you will automatically receive digital receipts for purchases you make with your Pleo card in numerous merchants that support Storebox*. 

How do I enable Storebox for my Pleo card

The Pleo admin of your company will first need to enable the Storebox integration. Once that is done, you will be prompted the next time you log into Pleo to enable Storebox for your Pleo card. This can be done by following these simple steps:

  1. Log into Pleo

  2. You should be prompted with a message to enable Storebox

  3. Click Enable 

  4. Enter your 4 digit passcode

Storebox is now enabled for your card.

Your Pleo card will automatically be set up with Storebox if you receive and activate it after the Storebox integration has been enabled. 

Important information

Please be aware that not all stores support Storebox. The receipt will not be automatically attached in Pleo if you make a purchase in a store that does not support Storebox. So please pay close attention to the notification you receive from us right after the purchase has been made. It will let you know whether the receipt has been attached automatically or if you need to snap a photo of the receipt. 

If in doubt, please keep the receipt - better safe than sorry.

*Storebox is currently supported by 5000+ stores including Arnold Busck, BAUHAUS, Bilka, Carls Jr., BR, Føtex, Harald Nyborg, OIL! tank & go, Illum, Lagkagehuset, Matas, MENY, Min Købmand, Netto, Paw Sko, Politiken Plus Butik, Salling, SKORINGEN, SPAR, Starbucks, thansen, TOYS"R"US, TV 2, Uno-X, zjoos, A-Z and ABC Lavpris.

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