How to set up your tags
This is a guide on how to create and administrate tags in Pleo to track your projects or cost centres.
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Tags are a great option if you need an additional layer of expense tracking. For example, you can use project-specific tags to calculate how much to bill a client for related costs.

How to create tag groups

  1. Click on Settings -> Accounting -> Tags tab.

  2. Click on Create tag group and name your group (e.g., Projects).

  3. You can choose to a) manually create the tags, b) import from a spreadsheet c) import directly from Xero or Quickbooks.

Importing and re-importing tags from a spreadsheet

Once you have your tag group named, you can:

  1. Click Import -> select from spreadsheet and upload from your files.

  2. Map your tags set up by the following

    1. Tag Label: you can choose to have one or two tag labels per expense (employees will need to include this when submitting an expense)

    2. Tag ID: This is an optional internal coding system/ERP code (employees will not see this when submitting an expense)

    3. Tag Preview: this shows you what employees will see when submitting an expense

If you would like to update your list of tags, you can either do so manually or by re-importing new tags from a spreadsheet. Here's how the latter method works:

  • Before re-importing, edit a tag if the spreadsheet contains any changes for one of the columns for a tag.

  • Add new tags to the existing spreadsheet and re-import. This will automatically update the sheet by archiving old tags and adding new ones.

💡 Tip: When you re-import, make sure that the column names are the same as the ones in the tag group. Also, the columns should contain unique information in each row. Otherwise, the re-import will fail.

How to archive or delete a tag group

To archive or delete a tag group or individual tag:

  • Click on the three dots to the right side of the group or tag and select your option.

Keep in mind that:

  • Tag groups that are in use can only be archived, not deleted.

  • You can have a maximum of three active tag groups but unlimited archived tag groups.

  • Archived tag groups still show up on exports and within accounting integrations.

  • Employees cannot see archived tag groups when submitting an expense.

How to highlight a tag group

You can now ensure that employees complete their expenses by highlighting a needed tag group.

  1. When creating a new group, toggle on Highlight this tag group (it will appear on the right hand side).

  2. Once set up, the mobile app will highlight the missing field within the expense.

Track spending

Get the most of tags by tracking your spending, you will get a visual break down of your financial spend by going to the Analytics page.

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