What is a receipt?

A receipt is your documentation for a purchase. This documentation is essential to accurately document VAT for accounting. The requirements are set by the local law where your company is operating and can differentiate. Always consult your bookkeeper or admin for the correct requirements for documentation.

What are the requirements for a receipt or invoice to be valid?

When taking pictures or screenshots of receipts, make sure all the information is readable and included. Take multiple pictures if needed and include the following:

  • Name of the merchant or CVR/VAT-number
  • Issue date
  • The product/services purchased
  • VAT amount and the Total Amount

This is the basic requirements for receipts, but please be aware the requirements for invoices can vary. Consult your accountant/bookkeeper to learn what your specific requirements are.

Best Practice

To help your bookkeeper, here are a few tips on how to attach the best receipts possible:

  • Make sure the camera is focused -  the text has to be readable and not blurry
  • Do not cover the information - make sure your finger is not in the way
  • Take the picture when you receive it - the receipt might be damaged and scuffed by carrying it around for a few days
  • Review the Category in Pleo - even though Pleo is smart, you might want to double check the category
  • Add a note if context is missing - to make sure your bookkeeper understands why this purchase is company related
  • Tag an expense - relevant if the expense relates to a certain client, project, event, or location 

Picture or document?

For many online receipts, the merchant simply sends you an e-mail with the receipt. Often, you will be sent the receipt in a PDF document. You do not need to take a picture of the PDF to upload a receipt to Pleo, as you can easily upload it in the Pleo web-app. All you need to do is login to Pleo, go to Expenses, click the "+" sign on the right hand side of the expense and upload the same.

Avoid taking pictures of your screen when possible as the quality is much higher when uploading the original document.

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