The Categories function allows you to create custom sub-categories and to associate an account number (from the chart of accounts in your accounting system) with each category as well as sub-category.

This will help even more to simplify your bookkeeping and ensure your accounts are kept accurate.

There a few things you should know about this function:

  1. Top categories are suggested based on what type of merchant the expense came from. When an employee or admin selects a sub-category to tag an expense, the selection will be remembered and when another purchase is made from that same merchant the sub-category will be auto-selected.
  2. It is designed to help employees correctly categorise their own expenses - we thus recommend that this is kept in mind when setting up your categories so that they will be both meaningful and simple to use.
  3. Once sub-categories have been defined by the admin they will be immediately available to employees - in both the Pleo mobile and web app.
  4. If you export into e-conomic or Xero the expenses will be exported in their categories to the matched account number.
  5. Remember that employees will still be able to change an auto-selected option and can always leave a note attached to the expense.
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