Pleo Bank Account

A separate Pleo Bank Account is automatically created in Xero once you have set up the integration between the two systems.

The bank account, simply named 'Pleo Account', will automatically receive an account code in your chart of accounts - this code is 'PLEOBANK':

Pleo Default Account

All expenses in Xero need to have a nominal code.

If you export expenses without a nominal code from Pleo to Xero, they will automatically receive the code 'PLEO' in Xero: 

A Pleo default account is also automatically created in Xero. The account is created for unassociated expenses which are, by default, given the nominal code 'PLEO' in Xero. 

Be aware that editing the name of the Pleo account in Xero can cause the integration to fail, so please refrain from this ⚠️

After the integration has been set up and the systems are connected, you can configure your chart of accounts with Pleo or export your expenses in Pleo to Xero.

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