"Straksoverførelser" is a faster way to make manual transfers to your Pleo account. Transfers made with Faster Payments (Straksoverførelse) can be allocated to your Pleo Account almost instantly.

What is Faster payments (Straksoverførelser)?

Faster payments transfers are transfers which are processed and cleared almost instantly by your bank. 

What are transfer times with Faster payments?

  • Transfers of less than 25.000,- DKK made within banking hours: Up to 3 hours (usually within minutes). If outside of banking hours, up to end of the next business day. 
  • Transfers between 25.000,- DKK to 215.000,- DKK made within banking hours: Two business days.  
  • Transfers higher than 215.000,- DKK made within banking hours: Two business days for the first 215.000,- DKK + 1 additional business day per amount of 215.000,- DKK.

How can I transfer with Faster Payments?

Important: All information needs to match the invoice you create in Pleo. Make sure you transfer the amount listed on the invoice and use the correct reference code. If either of these details doesn't match, you will experience major delays or rejection of your transfer.

🔑  Remember to create a new reference each time you transfer manually to your Pleo wallet🔑

  1. Go to Wallet, click Transfer funds now (press Perfer to do a regular bank transfer? If you have a Nets agreement setup) type in the amount and click Continue. 
  2. Copy the account details and the Unique Reference number 
  3. Open up your online banking in another tab. 
  4. Initiate a Straksoverførelse and paste in the new account details and reference number 
  5. You will receive an email when the money has been allocated to your Pleo Account 
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