How to submit a Mastercard Overførselsservice (for customers in Denmark)

Sign an agreement with Mastercard 

This is free of charge and takes just a few minutes to fill out.

Please note that this needs to be done by someone with signing authority for your company, and make sure you pay attention to Step 7 in the below guide.

  1. Go to Mastercards’ page for Overførselsservice

  2. Click "Opret Aftale"

  3. You need to log in using one of the following NemID/MitID options:

    1. MitID Privat for business

    2. NemID Employee Signature with key file

    3. NemID Privat for business

    4. NemID Employee Signature with key card

  4. Fill in your contact details and click on "Næste"

  5. In the signing section, choose the person who needs to sign the agreement. It has to be signed by an authorised signatory from the company or someone with a Power of Attorney to do so.

    Click on "Tilføj dig selv" (add yourself) or "Tilføj en anden" (add another person) and fill in the necessary details. Click on "Gem & Tilføj" to save and add the person as a authorised signatory.

    NB: You can choose to add both yourself and another as authorised signatories. Just click on "Tilføj en anden" once you have added yourself.

    Once all authorised signatories are added, click on "Næste".

  6. Fill in the details of your bank account. The reg. nr. and konto nr. must be for the account from which you wish to make transfers.

    Tick the box "Ja" for "Er virksomheden indehaver af kontoen?" and then click on "Næste".

  7. The "Dataleverandør / Lønbureau" section is important! 
    In this section, choose "No" for "Er virksomheden selv dataleverandør?". Click the drop-down menu "Vælg fra liste" and choose "Pleo Technologies" from the list. Then click on "Næste".

    NB: Leave the "Indtast CVR-nr. på dataleverandør" field empty! Make sure that "Pleo Technologies" is chosen from the list.

  8. Check that all the information you put in is correct. Then click on "Send og afslut" to finish and send the application.

  9. Lastly, sign the document/the application by clicking "Underskriv dokument" and choose which NemID/MitID option you want to sign with.

    NB: If more than one person needs to sign the document, the added authorised signatories will receive an email from Mastercard with the document and a guide on how the sign it.

  10. Once the document is signed, you should see the "Tak for din underskrift" page.

Good to know❗️

  • Once all singers have signed the document, and the application is sent to the bank for further processing, the contact person (Step 4) will receive a notification by email.

  • Once the application is finalised, you will receive an email stating that your application has gone through. You will then be able to go into Pleo > Wallet > Automatic Top-up and set up the desired threshold for the automatic transfer (when you want the transfer to be triggered and how much you want to transfer).

  • If you have an external bookkeeper invited in Pleo that needs to fill in the application, you need to make sure they have the necessary permissions in Pleo. An admin needs to go to the "People" section, click on the relevant bookkeeper, and then tick "Enable advanced Wallet permissions:"

  • Pleo's "aftaleleverandørnummer" (English: supplier number) is the same as our CVR number, which is 36538686.

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