How per diem and meal deductions work (for customers in Germany and Sweden)

Per diem is a tax-exempt lump sum that you can claim after a work-related trip. Customers registered with German and Swedish Pleo accounts can use the mobile app to submit a per diem claim. This article covers:

How to set up per diem

If an admin of your Pleo account has enabled Reimbursements, then you automatically have access to per diem (assuming you're on a German or Swedish account!).

How to submit a per diem claim

The per diem amount is automatically calculated by Pleo according to the local regulations. Different rates apply depending on where you’re traveling. Please note that you can only submit a claim once your trip is over.

  1. Log into the Pleo mobile app.

  2. Click the plus button in the top right-hand corner.

  3. Click Per diem.

  4. Input the locations and dates for the beginning and end of your business trip.

  5. If any meals were included in your airfare, accommodation, or events that you attend, please tick those off. The same goes for any meals that were paid for with your Pleo card. The amount owed to you will be deducted according to local rates. For German customers, it's a 20% (breakfast) or 40% (lunch/dinner) deduction of that day's per diem rate. For Swedish customers, it's a 15% (20% if travelling within Sweden) or 35% (lunch/dinner) deduction. As per legal requirements, meal deductions are always calculated based on a full day's per diem rate (even if someone travels for less than 24 hours).

  6. Make sure the correct category (e.g., travel) and tag (e.g., customer on-site project) have been selected.

  7. Click the check mark.

  8. Click Done.

There’s no need to add pictures of receipts from any meals that you paid for out-of-pocket. Pleo will automatically generate a receipt (after a short amount of time) and add it to your claim.

How approval and reimbursement works

Per diem claims follow the same review system set up for all out-of- expenses. If approval is needed, you’ll need to wait until a reviewer marks your expense as okay. Once it’s been approved, click on the “Owed to you” message in the mobile app and then “Get reimbursed.” Follow the on-screen instructions to reimburse yourself to a personal card. Reimbursement steps are also outlined in this article.

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