Getting started with Pleo: three steps for admins

Congrats; your company's Pleo account is officially verified. Welcome aboard!

This article explains three steps for admins to get started with Pleo:

How to top up your Wallet

When you and your colleagues use Pleo cards, all payments are withdrawn from funds in a single company Wallet. There are a couple different ways to send money to your Wallet. We actually have another article that explains the different options. But for your first time, this is how it works:

  1. Go to the "Wallet" page.

  2. Click "Top up"

    • You will see your unique transfer details connected to your Wallet.

    • For US: You'll be prompted to connect your Bank Account through Plaid

  3. Send some money—to the aforementioned transfer details—from your company's bank account.

It usually takes one (generally a maximum of two) business days for the funds to appear in your Wallet. Your first transfer takes 24 hours longer than usual. The reason is that we need to make sure that the money arrived from a bank account or e-money account that matches the name of your Pleo account and is registered in the UK or EEA. So (pretty) please don't send funds from a personal account or an e-money service that hides the sender's details.

First transfer nerves? No one in Pleo or any other organisation has access to your funds.

How to invite your colleagues (and external bookkeeper)

Nobody is an island. That's certainly the case with Pleo; the more colleagues use it, the more you'll get to streamline spending across the whole organisation. With that in mind:

  1. Go to the "People" page.

  2. Click the "Add member" button in the top right hand corner.

  3. Enter the email of one or multiple colleagues.

  4. Click "Invite to Pleo".

Your colleague(s) will receive an email inviting them to join the company account. Everyone you invite this way will automatically have an "employee" role. You can always change someone's role later (you'll see the option after clicking on their profile in the People page).

For external bookkeepers, follow the same first two steps listed above. At step three, click the text that says "External bookkeeper? Give them access →" and follow the on-screen steps. Learn more about Pleo bookkeepers.

How to order plastic Pleo cards

Time to get your hands on some Pleo cards! Your first two orders are free, so if your colleagues are quick to accept the invite to join Pleo, it's a good idea to order their cards in bulk:

  1. Go to the "Cards" section under the People page.

  2. Click on the "Order cards" button in the top right corner.

  3. Select the people who need a physical card and click "Continue".

  4. The next page will show you the default delivery address. If you're ordering a card for a remote colleague, click the "Edit address" button.

  5. Click "Confirm order".

The cards arrive in 5-7 business days. In the meantime, a virtual Pleo card lets you pay online as well as in-store (with Apple Pay and Google Pay).

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