What to do if you have trouble logging in

Before you read this, it's good to know that logging into Pleo with Google single sign-on (SSO) lets you bypass the email verification step.

This article explains:

What to do if you see an error message

  • If you click on a verification link and either 1) nothing happens or 2) you see a message saying "different device used", it's because you've opened the verification email on a different mobile device or computer than the one you're using to log in to Pleo. In this case, please try logging in again - staying on the same device throughout the login process.

  • Please make sure that you click the verification link within 10 minutes of receiving the email, as it will otherwise have expired.

What to do if the SMS code doesn't come through 

Please try the following solutions:

  1. Restart your phone.

  2. Try to log in again to Pleo and toggle off an on airplane mode when waiting for the SMS.

  3. Wait the full 10 minutes for the SMS to come through.

  4. Ask a friend or colleague to send an SMS to you to ensure you can receive them as normal.

  5. If none of the above options work, please either: 1) double-check that the phone number connected to your Pleo app is correct, or 2) consider switching to an authenticator app instead of using SMS codes. You can ask your admin to reset your authentication method to either a different phone number or an authenticator app.

What to do if the authenticator app code doesn't work

If you see a code saying "Wrong code, try again", and you're sure that the code is correct, please try clearing the cache in your browser. Here's how to clear your cache on:

What to do if you don't receive a verification email

If you have not received your verification email please check the following:

  • Make sure that you're checking the correct email inbox associated with your Pleo account.

  • Check your spam/trash folder.

If you still haven't received the email after checking the above, then the reason is likely that your company's IT system is automatically blocking the verification email (as the sender is a "no reply" email address: [email protected]).

Please reach out to your IT department to whitelist the verification emails.

Still no luck? Please reach out to our support team and let them know what the time was when you last tried to log in to Pleo? They can use this information to check if the email was correctly sent out.

What to do if you get an "address invalid" message in Outlook 


  • Press and hold the “Log in this device” button in your verification email from Pleo, then click “Open Link.”


  • Open Outlook, select the home symbol in the top left corner, click on the settings icon at the bottom, under “Preferences,” click “Use Default Browser.”

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