How to add a digital receipt to a Pleo expense

This article explains all the ways that you can add a digital receipt (sent to you via email) to an expense in the Pleo app. The options are:

Automatic email receipt capture with Fetch

Fetch automatically scans your work email and automatically adds receipts from online purchases to the Pleo app. This is the best option because it is completely automated. It’s also available to all Pleo customers at no additional cost.

Here’s how we protect your privacy and security when Fetch is enabled.

How to turn on Fetch

  • Turn on Fetch in the mobile app

    1. Go to the "Account" section (the icon in the bottom left corner).

    2. Tap "Power-ups".

    3. Flick the toggle for Fetch and follow the on-screen steps to connect a Gmail or Microsoft email account.

  • Turn on Fetch in the web app

    1. Click on your profile in the bottom right corner.

    2. Click on "My Account".

    3. Click on the "Power-ups" tab.

    4. Click "Enable", then follow the on-screen steps to connect a Gmail or Microsoft email account.

Considerations for your IT department 

Certain organisations have their own set of IT rules and filters for work emails, including settings that might block Fetch.

  • If your organisation uses Gmail

If your IT department has decided to revoke access to Fetch, this can be done from the Google Workspace admin panel.

  • If your organisation uses Microsoft 365

Fetch works with any of Microsoft's cloud-based email services, i.e. Office 365 (Outlook) or Exchange Online. That said, employees might not have the right permission to enable a service like Fetch. There are a couple of scenarios in this case:

  1. When trying to enable Fetch via the Pleo app, the employee sees a pop-up that prompts them to automatically notify their IT admin for permission.


  2. The employee does not see a pop-up, in which case they need find another way to contact their IT department and request permission.

As an IT administrator, we encourage you to look into your organisations' email settings prior to Fetch-related questions coming in:

Why Fetch is limited to a single work email

Fetch is currently limited to a single work email. The reason is twofold:

  • When it comes to connecting a private email account, there is a chance—albeit a small one—that Fetch will forward the wrong thing to Pleo. And that wrong thing would be visible to your organisation's Pleo admin, bookkeeper, and any of your account reviewers. So we've denied our customers this option so that this situation can never arise.

  • When it comes to shared email accounts, supporting this functionality would violate the terms and conditions of Gmail and Outlook. So that's not something we can offer right now.

Forward to Pleo

This option is less automated than Fetch, but faster than manually uploading a receipt.

Simply click on the email that contains your receipt, and “forward” it to [email protected]. You do not need to have Fetch enabled to use this option. That’s it! The receipt will be automatically matched to the respective card payment. The only requirement is that the receipt is sent from the email address associated with your Pleo login.

If a receipt was sent to a personal email account, it needs to be sent to your work email before forwarding to Pleo. Whether you’re using Fetch or Forward to Pleo, you can always set up auto-forwarding from a personal email to your work email. Here’s how it works for Gmail and Outlook.

On top of this, just to make life a little easier, you can forward your digital receipts directly to the Pleo app in just a few clicks.

Manual upload

  1. Go to the Expenses page.

  2. Click on the expense.

  3. Click the plus icon to add a receipt.

  4. Select a receipt from your computer.

You can also choose to drag and drop into the "Add receipt" field:

  • In the mobile app: 

  1. Click on an expense.

  2. Upload your receipt as an image from your camera roll or as a PDF from your saved files:

Add a receipt from the Receipt Inbox

Sometimes Fetch isn’t sure about whether a particular receipt belongs to an expense you created. For example, maybe you received two very similar receipts in your email inbox. To avoid mistakes, Fetch doesn’t automatically add receipts it’s unsure about to the expense. Instead, Fetch places these possibly-matching receipts in your Pleo Receipt Inbox. This is a private inbox that is only visible to you as the user. If you have a receipt that wasn’t automatically added by Fetch, check the Receipt Inbox for a match and manually it to the corresponding expense. 

All receipts in the Receipts Inbox can be added or deleted by you, or they will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

We also try to give you a hint that we have a possibly-matching receipt by showing you a message when you open the respective expense. 

We also try to give you a hint that we have a possibly-matching receipt by showing you a message when you open the respective expense. 

How to add receipts out of the Receipt Inbox

  1. Turn on Fetch using the instructions above
  2. Open the Pleo App
  3. Tap on the Receipt inbox icon on the top right
  4. If Fetch found possibly-matching receipts, you will find them here
  5. Review the receipts to find the correct one
  6. Tap on the receipt
  7. Tap on the checkmark to add it to an existing expense

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