How to set up the Exact Online integration

Before you get started

To connect your organisation's Pleo account to Exact Online, you'll need:

Part 1: Get your Exact Online account ready for the integration

  1. Login to your Exact Online Netherlands account.

  2. Create a Bank Account specifically for Pleo to record all transactions to and from your Pleo Wallet (Bank Journal Account):

    • Financials > Banking & Cash > Bank Accounts > Overview > Add New

    • Select type as “Bank”, populate Bank Account Number field with any unique number (Exact does not need to verify this as it is not an actual Bank account)

    • Write a unique Description for the account for example ‘Pleo Wallet Bank’

  3. Create a Purchase Journal to record all purchases made using Pleo cards:

    • Go to Your Company Name (on top left corner) > Master Data > Financials > Journals > Overview b. Select New Purchase

    • Select New Purchase

    • Enter a unique Code and helpful Description.

    • Ensure that the Type is set to “Purchase”.

    • Select Account Payable “Creditor” under G/L Account.

      Later on, once you've exported your first expenses from Pleo, you'll be able to see them in this purchase journal.

  4. Create a unique Supplier Account to record card purchases and out-of-pocket expenses:

    • Go to Accounts > Suppliers > Create > New > Manually

      We recommend using different Supplier accounts for out-of-pocket expenses to track them separately.

Part 2: Connect Pleo and Exact Online

  1. Click on Settings.

  2. Select Accounting.

  3. Select Exact Online from the available options

  4. Click Connect.

  5. Use your Exact login credentials to authenticate and grant Pleo permissions to post expenses to Exact Online.

Enter the following values on the Accounting Setup page in Pleo:

  • Integration company → the company in Exact Online where Pleo expenses will be sent

  • Pleo Bank Journal → insert the bank journal account

  • Pleo Journal → insert the purchase journal

  • Pleo Supplier Account → insert the default supplier account

  • Contra account for reimbursements → insert the default supplier account

Part 3: Set up categories and link VAT codes

It is our recommendation that you immediately set up categories to align your chart of accounts in Exact Online, and link the correct VAT codes.

  1. Click on Settings.

  2. Select Accounting.

  3. Go to Categories.

  4. You can either fill out the pre-loaded category groups, which as based on Mastercard's spending types. Or you can click "Create category group" in the top right corner. Either way, a dropdown list of accounts and tax codes (pulled via the Exact Online integration) should automatically appear when you click in the respective fields:

    • Accounts:

    • Tax codes:

  5. Don't forget to fill out the "name" field for each category so that employees can easily identify which one fits their expense.

All set! What now?

  • If you haven't already, it's recommended to set up categories as soon as possible to align with your chart of accounts.

  • Set up your tags. Tags in Pleo reflect cost centres (Dutch: kostenplaatsen) and and cost units (Dutch: kostendragers).

Please note!

Currently, our Exact Online integration:

  • Is not available outside of the Netherlands. If you are based in Belgium or Luxembourg and would like to use Exact Online, please reach out to us, and we will keep you updated.

  • Does not support Invoices.

  • Does not support the export of Wallet top-ups or external reimbursements.

  • Books all Pleo expenses under Pleo as the supplier, instead of linking to your Exact Online list of specific suppliers.

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