How Spanish customers can bookkeep invoices in Business Central

Pleo customers registered in Spain can make full use of our Business Central integration which now allows for correct bookkeeping of invoices paid with Pleo cards. While the direct translation of "facturas" (Spanish) is "invoices" (English), please note that this works differently to Pleo's dedicated invoice payment functionality.

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How to get started

You automatically have access to this functionality if 1) your Pleo account is registered in Spain and 2) you have enabled the Business Central Integration. If you have any feedback or questions, please share them directly with your customer success manager.

Before you export a Pleo expense to Business Central

In Business Central, it's a good idea to revisit the payment method you have set for all vendors that will be paid with Pleo cards before you export any of their invoices. This will be relevant later on when it's time to bookkeep the invoice payment (see section further down).

  1. In Business Central, go to "Vendors".

  2. Click on one vendor at a time.

  3. Under "Payments", click "Payment method code".

  • If you'd like the payment to be automatically created and registered when posting the invoice after the export, please create a payment method called (e.g. Pleo) and tie it to the Pleo Wallet G/L account you created in the chart of accounts.

  • If you prefer to not have the payment registered automatically but instead create the payment manually via a payment journal, you can either:

    a) Delete the payment method completely from the vendor

    b) Create a payment method called e.g. “Pleo” but simply not link it to the Pleo Wallet G/L account.

    If this is your preferred method, please create a payment journal and connect your Pleo Wallet G/L Account to that journal (see the section about "Manual registration” to understand how to create a payment).

Good to know: Business Central automatically assigns a payment terms code of 0D (zero days) to all invoices sent from Pleo. So you don't have to worry about selecting that.

How to mark a Pleo expense as an invoice

Only admins and bookkeepers are able to mark a Pleo expense as an invoice. By default, all Pleo expenses will be classified as a "ticket" unless they are marked as an invoice.

  1. In the Pleo web app, go to the Export page.

  2. Click on an expense.

  3. Mark the receipt type as "Invoice":

    If the supplier already exists in your Business Central account, then Pleo will automatically assign the correct name. Alternatively, you can choose a vendor from Business Central by clicking on the drop-down menu. If you click "Create new supplier" and fill out the details, Pleo's integration will automatically add them to your Business Central account. You might see suggestions for the receipt type, tax number and receipt number. However, you'll need to either click on these suggestions to accept them or add the details manually.

  4. If you have added a new vendor in Pleo and you'd like the payment method to be sent to the Pleo Wallet G/L account, please login to Business Central and select a payment method code (see previous section) for the vendor before you continue with the export.

  5. Export your Pleo expenses.

How to bookkeep invoices exported from Pleo to Business Central

In Business Central, go to "Purchase Invoices" and you'll find any invoices exported from Pleo. If everything looks good, the next step in Business Central is to review and post the invoice. Depending on your payment method configuration, you may or may not need to create and post the invoice payment additionally.

Step 1: Review and post the invoice

  1. Go to "Purchase Invoices".

  2. Click on the specific invoice you just imported from Pleo

  3. After reviewing the invoice, under "Posting", click "Preview Posting".

  4. Review the accounting entries and click "Post". This is the last step, after which no further changes are possible. The invoice should now appear in your list of "Posted Purchase Invoices".

Step 2: (Case-dependant) Post the invoice payment

As mentioned, the registration of the invoice payment depends on which payment method you configured on vendor level in Business Central. There are two possibilities:

  • Automatic registration: no action required. The invoice payment lines will be automatically posted upon completion of step 1 (posting the invoice). This is assuming that you have set up a payment method code (see above section: "Before you export a Pleo expense to Business Central").

  • Manual registration using a Payment Journal:

    1. Click "Cash Management".

    2. Click "Payment Journals" and select the payment journal you have connected to the Pleo Wallet G/L account.

    3. Within the Journal, create a new line.

    4. Navigate to the column “Applies to Doc. No.” and click

    5. Select the open invoice that you just imported and confirm → by that you are creating the payment line and connecting it to the invoice.

    6. Click “Post” and the invoice payment will be registered.

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