The below video demonstrates submitting the form. The audio instructions are in Danish. Please find written instructions further down.

Sign an agreement with Mastercard

This is free of charge and takes just a few minutes to fill out:

  1. Go to Mastercards’ page for Overførselsservice

  2. Click "opret ansøgning"

  3. Fill in your details and then click "næste" (CVR-nr for your company, name, phone number and e-mail address of the person in charge of the application process.)

  4. Fill in the details of your bank account and then click "næste" (The reg. nr. and konto nr. must be for the account from which you wish to make transfers from).

  5. Click "Er virksomheden indehaver af kontoen choose: "Ja" and then "Næste"

  6. Click "Er virksomheden/CVR eller SE-nummeret selv dataleverandør choose Nej

  7. Under "Indtast CVR-nr. på dataleverandør", use the CVR-nr. of Pleo Technologies A/S with CVR no. 36538686.

Good to know

  • Your application will automatically be sent to Nets and you will receive an email with an agreement to digitally sign the application with Nem-ID within 15 minutes.

  • You will receive an email of receipt, this is ONLY to confirm they have received your application

  • 1-2 business days later you will received confirmation from Mastercard that you have fully set up your overførselsservice.

  • In case you ever want to cancel the auto top-up service and are asked for the data provider number (dataleverandør nummer), use 36538686.

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