Creating Teams can be useful if you would like to separate your different members into relevant departments and to review incoming expenses within Pleo.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the People menu from the Pleo web app
  2. Select the Teams tab
  3. When creating teams you can assign a Team Name, a Team code (if already used internally) and reviewers if needed.
  4. Add all the relevant members as well as the reviewers. Reviewers of the team can see and edit the team's expenses, set and control spending limits, & block and unblock cards.Β 

Who can be a Reviewer?

  • Department Heads
  • Project Leaders
  • Team Leaders
  • Anyone who is involved with project/expense management for a smaller subset of employees in one or more teams

What can a Reviewer do in Pleo?

  • Set spending limits for team members
  • Card Management: Enable/Disable cards on behalf of team members
  • Real-time overview of team expenses
  • Review expenses done by members of their team(s)

Multiple Reviewers in multiple teams

  • One team can have multiple Reviewers
  • A Reviewer can review multiple teams at the same time

Reviewers get notified in real time and weekly

  • Every expense breaking the set threshold will appear instantly in the Reviewers review feed on web and mobile
  • Once a week they will get push notified if they have outstanding expense awaiting review
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