Creating Teams can be useful if you would like to separate your different members into relevant departments and to review incoming expenses within Pleo.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the People menu from the Pleo web app
  2. Select Teams
  3. When creating teams you can assign a name and code
  4. Add all the relevant members as well as reviewers. Reviewers of the team can see and edit the team's expenses, set and control spending limits, & block and unblock cards. 

Who can be a Reviewer?

  • Department Heads
  • Project Leaders
  • Team Leaders
  • Anyone who is involved with project/expense management for a smaller subset of employees in one or more teams

What can a Reviewer do in Pleo?

  • Set spending limits for team members
  • Card Management: Enable/Disable cards on behalf of team members
  • Real-time overview of team expenses
  • Review expenses done by members of their team(s)

Multiple Reviewers in multiple teams

  • One team can have multiple Reviewers
  • A Reviewer can review multiple teams at the same time

Reviewers get notified in real time and weekly

  • Every expense breaking the set threshold will appear instantly in the Reviewers review feed on web and mobile
  • Once a week they will get push notified if they have outstanding expense awaiting review

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