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How to create a Pleo bank account in Quickbooks
How to create a Pleo bank account in Quickbooks
How to set up your Quickbooks to handle expenses from Pleo
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Now with our sleek integration with Quickbooks it's easy to connect and export all your Pleo transactions

Set up Pleo bank account to Quickbooks (One time set up)

  • Create a new bank account in your Quickbooks Account. This account will be used for Pleo expenses only. (Go to Settings -> Chart of Accounts -> New (Top right corner).

  • Choose Account type to be "Cash and equivalents", for Detail type "Current" and Name to be "Pleo Bank". Save and close.

After you have saved the account in Quickbooks, you can select it in Pleo Settings and continue. More information on how the Quickbooks integration works in here.

About account transfers in Quickbooks

  • When you top up your wallet, simply do a normal bank transfer between your normal business bank account and Pleo Bank Account in Quickbooks.

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