How to use Pleo with WorkBook

Learn how to automatically sync expense data between Pleo and WorkBook via our integration from partner ECIT Services A/S

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Before you get started

Sending Pleo expenses to WorkBook relies on:

What's possible with the integration

This integration has been completed in partnership with ECIT Services A/S, who also maintains and troubleshoots any potential issues related to its use. With this integration, you can connect Pleo and WorkBook to easily export your Pleo expenses directly to WorkBook, automatically synchronising your full list of “Jobs” between WorkBook and Pleo. The integration does not currently synchronise “Activities” (coming soon).

How to get started

It's a good idea to let your dedicated customer success manager know that you want to set this up, as they can always help you. Not sure who your CSM is? Contact our support team and we'll put you in touch.

  1. Please fill out this form.

  2. In Pleo, go to the Accounting page and select the "format from Pleo" as your accounting setup:

How to export Pleo expenses to WorkBook

  1. In Pleo, go to the Export page.

  2. Select which expenses to send to WorkBook, then click "Add to queue".

  3. At the bottom of the Export queue page, click "Export".

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