The cause:

The Pleo category (same as an expense account in Fortnox) requires to also have a Fortnox cost centre (tag in Pleo) connected to the expense.

The solution:

There are a few alternative solutions; please choose what's best depending on your own accounting setup.

  • In Pleo, open the specified expense, delete the affected category, and choose a different category (that doesn't require a cost centre).


  • In Pleo, add a tag that reflects a cost centre. Learn more about tags.


  • Keep the Pleo expense as-is, but change the expense account setup in Fortnox. Click "Register" → "Kontoplan" (chart of accounts) → click on the affected account → click “Ytterligare utgifter” (additional settings). Under "cost centre", change the selected option from "Not allowed" to "Allowed". Click "Save".

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