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How to account for transfers to Pleo, in Xero
How to account for transfers to Pleo, in Xero
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Please note: This article assumes that you have already enabled the Xero integration in Pleo. If you have not done that yet, please check this help article.

The process to account for transfers into your Pleo Account in Xero is very simple. Think about it as a normal bank transfer between two business bank accounts.

  1. In Xero, go to your Bank Accounts.

  2. Click Transfer Money

  3. Input the same transfer (same transfer value and date) as you did within your bank to Pleo – this time from your normal business bank account in Xero to the "Pleo Account" in Xero.

  4. This will create a "Spent" Account transaction under your business bank account in Xero – you can then reconcile it with the matched line from your business bank feed.

  5. Under "Pleo Account" in Xero, you will see this transaction as a "Received" Account transaction. You can mark it as reconciled if it matches the transfer date and value in your wallet page in Pleo

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