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How to reconcile Pleo expenses in Xero
How to reconcile Pleo expenses in Xero

Learn how to reconcile Pleo expenses in Xero using 1) a more automated method with the Pleo Bank Feed or 2) a more manual method

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Option 1: Use the Pleo Bank Feed for (semi) automatic reconciliation*

*The better option, in our humble opinion.

It's good to know that:

  • Once you've connected Pleo to your Xero account, the Pleo Bank Feed is already turned on. You can see it at the bottom of the Accounting page in Pleo.

  • With the Pleo Bank Feed, the following expense info automatically goes to Xero: amount, date, employee, and merchant name. Expenses are only sent over when they are presented. If your company has any such expenses, Pleo will send the info over twice per day. Additional expense info (expense categories, tags, pictures of paper receipts, etc.) is sent when you export from Pleo to Xero.

So, in a nutshell, you'll need to:

  1. Log into Pleo and export your latest expenses.

  2. Log into Xero, go to the Reconcile tab under Pleo, and click the "OK" button to reconcile the Pleo expenses:

Option 2: Reconcile manually in Xero**

**Only use this method if something goes wrong with the Pleo Bank Feed. Which hopefully won't happen. But if it does, please feel free to ask us for help before choosing this rather manual method.

  1. Ensure your transfers to Pleo are allocated.

  2. The expenses that you export from Pleo to Xero will show up in Xero under "Account Transactions."

  3. Turn on the "Mark as Reconciled" option in Xero:

  4. Once the screen has refreshed, click on the "More" (just above the list of expenses).

  5. Click on the "Mark as Reconciled" button to reconcile the expense(s):

  6. If you really want to, you can compare the current Statement Balance in Xero with the corresponding historic balance in Pleo's Export - Wallet page:

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