This article is for you if:

  • You've already followed these steps to associate one or two tag groups in Pleo with KOST1 and KOST2 in DATEV Unternehmen online. And:

  • You want to make changes to what you initially set up. For example, perhaps you're now tracking locations instead of projects, and want to have this change reflected in your tags.

How to associate new tags/a new tag group with KOST1 and KOST2

Both of the below options focus on updating tags within an existing tag group in Pleo. The benefit of this approach is that old tags will not be lost. "Old" tags could be ones that you used to use to track projects, and are connected to expenses that have already been exported.

  • Option 1: Within an existing tag group, archive tags and create new tags one by one

To archive a tag, click the three dots and then click "Archive row":

To manually add a new tag, double-click at the bottom of the table and start typing:

  • Option 2: Within an existing tag group, re-upload a spreadsheet with a list of new tags

If there are quite a few changes, you can save some time by Re-importing a spreadsheet with a list of tags:

When you import the list, any previously used tags that are not in the spreadsheet will be automatically archived in Pleo.

  • Optional step: If the tag group has completely changed, re-name the tag group.

In your tag group overview in Pleo, click the three dots next to the affected group, and rename the group (e.g., from "projects" to "locations" or vice versa).

  • Where to find archived tags

If you follow the above instructions, old tags will not be deleted; they'll be moved to the "Archived" section in Pleo:

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