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What to do if you see the message "File attachment failed"
What to do if you see the message "File attachment failed"
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Error: File attachment failed

  • If the error message mentions “VoucherNotFound”

The cause:

Some of the expenses fail to export because the number of receipts has exceeded the journal limit in e-conomic.

The solution:

In e-conomic, go to settings (Indstillinger), Finance (Regnskab), Journals (Kassekladder), Other options (Andre muligheder), and then Journal setup (Opsætning af kassekladde). Then go to Entry numbers (Bilagsnumre). Here you can increase the maximum number of receipts.

  • If the error message mentions “Voucher no. XYZ does not exist in the selected accounting year”

The cause:

The expenses exported are not from the correct fiscal year. For example, an expense from June 2020 tried to go into an e-conomic account for 2019, and failed.

The solution:

In e-conomic, re-open the fiscal year that the expense is from. Then when you go to re-export the expense from Pleo, it will automatically be sent to the correct year in e-conomic.

  • If the error message says a file is too large or corrupt (Danish: beskadiget)

The cause:

One or more receipts are causing the export to fail.

The solution:

Export from Pleo without the attached receipts:

  1. Download the receipt(s) in question and save them.

  2. In Pleo, remove the receipt(s) from the affected expense(s).

  3. Export to e-conomic.

  4. Manually upload the receipts in e-conomic.

  5. You can always re-add the receipts to the expenses in Pleo (after exporting). This way, the cardholder/expense owner won't get notified about missing receipts.

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