Error: The specified bank account details do not match a known bank account

Alternative wording for the same issue is:

  • "The ToBankAccount with the details provided could not be located"

  • "Account code 'ID' has been archived, or has been deleted. Each line item must reference a valid account."

  • "Account code ID is not a valid code for this document."

The cause:

When you select the direct integration with Xero, the account names will automatically appear in Pleo (under Settings - Accounting - Setup). Two accounts are called “PLEO” and “PLEOBANK” and, if your organisation is using Pocket, a third account will be called “PLEOPOCKET:”

If someone changes or archives these account names (i.e., nominal codes) in Xero, the entire Pleo export will fail, and you will see the above error message. A similar issue arises when categories in Pleo (chart of accounts in Xero) are archived. The error

The solution:

  • The nominal codes need to be active (not in the archived tab) and changed back to the original names:

  • If the nominal codes look fine, please double-check that the categories used in Pleo reflect active chart of accounts in Xero.

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